does anyone know anything about macrobiotics???

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does anyone know anything about macrobiotics???

i have read about it a bit and tried cooking/eating macrobiotically (is that a word?) for about one week back in december 2001.

my family called it the “sticks and stones” diet. tempeh was not a hit.

although, the last time i ate out with my son and soon-to-be ex-husband at the aut bar, my son really enjoyed that tempeh wrap. while there is quite a difference between a 5th grader’s and college freshman’s palate, i suspect that the difference had much more to do with the preparation. in a wrap, you don’t have to look at it.

when i’ve read about macrobiotics then and since, especially reading “the macrobiotic way,” it has been excrutiatingly ¬†overwhelming – but i want to try it.

so, i’ve decided to do “macrobiotic MY way” – which means i’ll do what feels right, what seems reasonable, and what i can – and see how it goes.

for example, i’m not drinking local spring water – i’m sticking with dasani (gasp) – because i know i’ll drink dasani – and it’s better than drinking a diet coke.

i know that there is actually a fresh spring around here somewhere – people bring their gallon jugs and fill up – if i get to that later, i get to that later – if i don’t, i don’t.

another example, i love brown rice – i’ll eat brown rice – maybe pressure-cooked, maybe cooked on the stove top, and maybe it will be trader joe’s frozen brown rice ready in three minutes in the (gasp) microwave.

here goes nothing.


starting over

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in the last few weeks i’ve moved out, filed for divorce, seen my freshman son off to college, tried new things, tried old things . . .

we’ve been married for 19 years – he’s a pastor – he hasn’t told anyone at church – it seems like he has no intention of doing so – i guess that’s his therapy

i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired – and obese – ¬†don’t know what to do about it – am determined to figure it out

i don’t know what i believe – if i believe in god – or in anything else

i’m confused about a lot of things

as you might imagine

but optimistic about the future