does anyone know anything about macrobiotics???

does anyone know anything about macrobiotics???

i have read about it a bit and tried cooking/eating macrobiotically (is that a word?) for about one week back in december 2001.

my family called it the “sticks and stones” diet. tempeh was not a hit.

although, the last time i ate out with my son and soon-to-be ex-husband at the aut bar, my son really enjoyed that tempeh wrap. while there is quite a difference between a 5th grader’s and college freshman’s palate, i suspect that the difference had much more to do with the preparation. in a wrap, you don’t have to look at it.

when i’ve read about macrobiotics then and since, especially reading “the macrobiotic way,” it has been excrutiatingly  overwhelming – but i want to try it.

so, i’ve decided to do “macrobiotic MY way” – which means i’ll do what feels right, what seems reasonable, and what i can – and see how it goes.

for example, i’m not drinking local spring water – i’m sticking with dasani (gasp) – because i know i’ll drink dasani – and it’s better than drinking a diet coke.

i know that there is actually a fresh spring around here somewhere – people bring their gallon jugs and fill up – if i get to that later, i get to that later – if i don’t, i don’t.

another example, i love brown rice – i’ll eat brown rice – maybe pressure-cooked, maybe cooked on the stove top, and maybe it will be trader joe’s frozen brown rice ready in three minutes in the (gasp) microwave.

here goes nothing.


~ by heidi on 16 September 2009.

2 Responses to “does anyone know anything about macrobiotics???”

  1. Hello Heidi,
    I authored, “Macrobiotics for Dummies” which is very comprehensive and body, mind, spirit take on all aspects of healing. The diet I present (4 different templates) is multi-cultural and designed more aptly for western palates without compromising its healing value. I think you’ll find the book inspiring and its flexible expression will resonate with you in ways that the more rigid and Japanese oriented approaches did not. I wish you well, Verne Varona

  2. The English translation of the Greek lyrics, at the top of this page, are deep with meaning. The New York “translation” is simply nonsense, though so Click

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